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Author: Daniel M.

Cheapest Way To Get To Europe

Odds are, if you’re on a budget and trying to travel to Europe, then you’re probably looking for the cheapest way to get there safe and sound.  “Is that even possible?”, you may be asking. In a sense, no, but in another sense, yes.  As stated in some other articles that I wrote, timing and patience is usually the key to finding great deals, which in the end can save you hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars. What really is the cheapest way to get to Europe? When planning a vacation, you have to think about ways to get to...

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How To Save Money For A Vacation

Recently I wrote an article explaining how I planned my trip to Europe. I’m not a person who makes thousands of dollars a month, in fact I live on a minimal salary. My goal was to go to Europe without having to increase my workload, this lead me to think of ways to save money so that I can afford a European vacation. Granted most of us love to travel, it’s just in our blood, but many of us can’t afford the costs that come with the idea of traveling overseas. Or so we think. Here is a list...

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Top 4 Tips for Planning Your Trip to Europe

About a year ago I embarked on a trip with my sister and brother-in-law.  As it turns out I happened to be the third wheel in the group as no one else wanted to be my partner *sniffles*.  All jokes aside, there was quite a bit of planning involved to making this trip run smoothly.  So, here are my top 4 tips for planning out your trip. Figure Out Where You Want To Go This may seem very easy, but is it really?  If you’re on a budget like I was, then you can’t just go any place you...

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