And another great deal if you’re planning to travel to South America, specifically Peru!  If you’re located in the  Los Angeles and San Diego areas then this deal is for you!  If you travel from Tijuana to Lima with AeroMexico you can get a round trip fare for just $245.38 on select dates ranging from late March to late June.

For those that see flying out of Tijuana as an inconvenience because you have to drive to Tijuana, fear no more!  There is an entrance from this side of the border through San Diego that leads right into the Tijuana airport called the Cross Border Xpress (CBX).  You can have someone drop you off at CBX and pick you up from there as well, avoiding those long queue lines to get back to the USA if you were to travel into Mexico through the Otay or San Ysidro border entrance.  There is a small fee to use the CBX, but it’s still a great deal that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Act quick as we don’t know until when these prices will be good for.  Check the details below!

Flight Details:
Travel Dates:  Late March through late June 2016
Booking Dates: Unknown
Price:  $245.38 Round Trip